Energy Assistance

Energy Assistance will open November 1, 2022 and continue through April 28, 2023.

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) helps low-income families pay their heating bills. 

To receive help:

  • You do not have to be on public assistance
  • You do not need to have an unpaid bill
  • You do not have to own your home

There are two types of grants available:  cash and crisis. Cash grants help families pay their heating bills.  This is a one-time payment which is sent directly to the utility or fuel provider.  Cash grants range from $500 - $1,200.  The grants are based on your household size, income and type of heating.

Crisis grants are for an emergency situation where you are in danger of losing your heat.  You can receive more than one crisis grant during the season.  The maximum benefit amount is $1,200.  Emergency situations would be:

  • Broken heating equipment or leaking lines that must be fixed or replaced
  • Lack of heating fuel
  • Electric service has been disconnected
  • Danger of being without heating fuel or of having the electric service disconnected

To apply for the program, you can go to or call your county assistance office:

  • Bedford County - 800-542-8584 or (814) 623-6127
  • Fulton County - 800-222-8563 or (717) 485-3151
  • Huntingdon County - 800-237-7674 or (814) 643-1170

You will need the following information available when you apply:

  • Names, birth dates, social security number and proof of income for all people in the household
  • A copy of a recent heating bill
  • A copy of a disconnection notice

The LIHEAP household income guidelines are:

Household Size Maximum Annual Income
1 $20,385
2 $27,465
3 $34,545
4 $41,625
5 $48,705
6 $55,785
7 $62,865
8 $69,945
9 $77,025
10 $84,105

                        Each additional person, add $7,080