Rate Schedule

revised 1-30-23


(Rate Class 005)

  • Single phase-60 cycle at available secondary voltage
  • Monthly Billing
Distribution Generation & Transmission (G&T)
Customer Charge                                $24.00 9.078 cents per kWh
First 300 kWh's                             @ 3.16 cents  
Excess kWh's                               @ 3.16 cents  

Three Phase

(Rate Class 003)

  • Three phase 60 cycles at available secondary voltages
  • KW (Demand) billing component
  • Minimum Bill - (The minimum monthly charge shall be a charge of $1.20 per KVA of required installed transformer capacity in addition to the customer charge. This is compared to the grand total of the bill that includes the G&T, Customer Charge, kWh, and KW.
Distribution Generation & Transmission (G&T)
Customer Charge                  $40.00 7.750 cents per kWh
All kWh's                           @3.095 cents  
All KW                              @ $4.50  


Yard Light

  • Lights are not metered (Do not contribute to monthly kWh usage)
  • Yard lights may be billed annually
  • Includes cooperative maintenance
Flat Rate: $9.30 per month per light