New Enterprise REC is required by the state of Pennsylvania to charge sales tax on any meter not having a Pennsylvania Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.

For your account to be tax exempt, one of the following reasons must apply:

  • This is my primary residence
  • Vacation home
  • Property will be resold or rented in ordinary course of purchaser’s business conducted under Pennsylvania Sales Tax License Number
  • Property will be directly used by purchaser in their:  (circle one) Manufacturing Operations, Mining Operations, Farming Operations, Dairying Operations, Ship-building Operations, which are performed as a business.
  • Property will be directly used by purchaser in the production, delivery or rendition of public utility service and/or construction, alteration or maintenance of public utility facilities other than buildings.  Purchaser presently has on file with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission the following Tariff of Rates:  Enter full designation of latest Tariff of Rates:________________________________    

                   PA P.U.C No._____________________________________________________ 


  • Property will be used in organization or institutional activities by purchaser which is a:  (circle one) Religious Organization, Volunteer Firemen’s Organization, Non-Profit Educational Institution, Charitable Organization holding Charitable Exemption Number     
  • Other purpose (Example:  barn, personal garage, etc)       

If any of these reasons apply to your account, please complete and return the certificate.